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Subsidiary  Companies
Samil Machinery Corp.
Rope making machine
Extruder machine
Hangnam homepage
Hangnam Marine Corp.

Rope making machine specification
PP Danline extruder specification 100mm

Products Line 1
   Products Line 2

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      since 1990 

Plastic Bobbin with textile accessories
Nylon Traveler
Synthetic Ropes
                     Synthetic Ropes


Extruder machine
PP Danline 100mm extruder specification
Ring Twisting machine
                    Ring Twisting machine
                    new Ring Twisting machine
Rope making machine
SR model rope making machine specification
Tube Layer type rope making machine
8 strands braid rope making machine
12 strands braid rope making machine
Dual Strander
                    Dual Strander

PP Danline Extruder Equipment Photos                          


Machine Photos total 26 pages
Extruder Head
Electric Panel
NO.1 Stretching Machine Front Side
NO.1 Stretching Machine Rear Side
Stretching Bath Machine
NO.2 Stretching Machine Front Side

NO.2 Stretching Machine Rear Side
Take-up Cheese winder type 1
Take-up Cheese winder type 2
Take-up Cheese winder type 3
Take-up Ring Twisting winder type 1
Take-up Ring Twisting winder type 2
Take-up Ring Twisting winder type 3
Take-up Ring Twisting winder type 4
Take-up Ring Twisting winder type 5
Take-up Bobbin Type winder 1
Take-up Bobbin Type winder 2

Ring Twisting machine Photos


Ring Twister photo 1
Ring Twister photo 2
Ring Twister photo 3
Ring Twister photo 4
Ring Twister photo 5
Ring Twister photo 6
Ring Twister photo 7
Ring Twister photo 8
Ring Twister photo 9
Ring Twister photo 10


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