nylon Traveler

 How to choose correct travelers.

  • It's very much necessary and important to select the most suitable traveler to thickness of yarn and revolution of the ring.
  • As correct weight number of traveler is decided according to tensile strength of spinning or twisting and it differs from kind of yarn, number or ply of yarn and the other condition, you should select correct size of traveler suitable to aforementioned conditions.
  • It's quite necessary to use heavier weight for smooth operation when it happens to cut off in the process of yarn spinning and twisting in yarn guide.
  • It's also necessary to use lighter weight traveler when traveler badly wears off and circle of yarn spinning becomes smaller.
  • You should change whole travelers at one time so as to reduce cutting off yarn and defacement of ring and also maintain equal tension.

    We suggest you to change traveler in every one to 3 weeks depending upon working condition in your machines.


 How you could achieve maximum production efficiency.

  • Select the most suitable type of Ring Twisting machine, height and inside dia. of ring depending upon kind and ply of yarn.
  • Select the most suitable Nylon traveler (the most suitable weight) depending upon kind and ply of yarn.
  • Exactly match center of ring and yarn guide.
  • Always check and ensure that enough lubricating is periodically done.
  • In order to find out any possible defect in advance, regularly check friction of yarn and flying off traveler as well as a tension of yarn
  • Change all travelers at one time
  • Keep clean surrounding of machine.

You will enjoy following merits from nylon traveler when you compare it with the other metallic traveler.

  • Revolution of your machine can be speed up faster upto the extent of about 30% without cutting off yarn itself.
  • Wear life of traveler is to be prolonged as long as 3 to 10 times.
  • Overwhelming advantages for large package application.
  • Fluctuation rate of tension is reduced by about 20%.
  • Wear-off of metallic ring is so minimized that its service life can be extended by longer than 3 times.
  • Yarn quality is improved and stain is lessened.
  • Convenient handling


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