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 since 1990

Contact Information


zip code

+82 51 206 3399
+82 51 991 1990
309-405 Garak Town, 265, Hasinjungang-ro,
Saha-gu, Busan, Korea

Official Confirmation Proving that Old and New Address are Identical
Korea has replaced a land lot-based address system with one based on road names to make it easier for foreigners as well as Korean residents to find locations by Korea administrative law.

Contact person

hyun in, Kang / Director

Please tell us what you think about our web site, company, products, or anything else that
comes to mind. If you are interested in our products line, do not hesitate to
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We assure you of our best attention to any inquiries from our web site visitors.

Subsidiary Companies      

SAMIL Machinery Corp.
HANGNAM Marine Corp.

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